Font On My Old Website Jacked Up

Hello, I have an old Wordpress install that i am trying to use again... However, it looks like the text got jacked up on every page:


It may of been because of updates. But I've had this issue before and have been able to get it fixed.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Stephen,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    That does look like character encoding problem. The site seems to be using UTF-8 character set, which is expected and proper. But the chars like those there suggest that encoding has been "corrupted" either by editor during saving or they are corrupted in the database.

    That said, you have mentioned during the chat that you were able to fix the issue easily in the past. Could you tell me please how did you do it in the past?

    Also, since I don't have access to your database, could you please try accessing the database via phpMyAdmin and then go to "_posts" table, find the post of ID = 2184 and see if there are those "messed up" characters inside the "post_content" there?

    Please also check (you'll see that when viewing _posts table structure in phpMyAdmin) what is the current setting of "Collation" option for both entire table (that's given in a "Row Statistics" box at the very bottom) and for "post_content" (that's in structure of the table).

    Let me know about that please.

    Kind regards,

  • Ari

    Hey Stephen

    Hope you are fine!

    I'm afraid that I couldn't find any quick way to solve this unless manually update every pages content. The content somehow get corrupted, and it's stored in the database, it sounds like Thrive theme have a strange bug. hopefully you can also contact to the Thrive theme developer if they have any quick way, maybe they are already experienced with it or you can report about this bug so they have a fix for future release.

    Hope you understand!

    Best Regards,

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