Font size suddenly changed in side bar and widgets/only certain ones

I just recently yesterday recieved a few email and a couple of support complaints about text on side bar and in widgets suddenly decreasing in size.
First thought, and after search on here was that a plugin was interferring. So I de-activated every plugin and still doesnt fix anything. Slowly am adding every plugin back in hopes that one may trigger something, but will all plugins deactivated, and the most recent 3 that were added over the past 4 days completely deleted and removed its still a no go.
Its only on a few blogs. For example this blog the text is reduced in size.....
However on the main blog it is not as in

Im at a complete loss, have been searching forums and across the net for 18hrs strait now to no avail.
Any idea's or has anyone seen this happen previously?
Bill H.

  • ZBlogs

    Here are a few of the tools or plugins I have been playing with the past 4 days, just in case. Althoug all of them have been deactivated and or deleted from system at this point.

    Text Widgets by
    Support System downloaded from here
    added in "remove privacy on signup" to remove the privace ck box statement
    And added some custom themes by Elegant Themes although these have not been publically activated and are only accessible thru supporters thru the premium themes access point.

  • drmike

    Using this blog as a reference:

    I don;t see any changes in text size using Firefox 3.6.12. What browser are you using and where specifically is the text changing? In this case, a screencap would be helpful.

    The common cause for text size problems is broken divs. If you;re using more tags, you may have them placed between 2 divs and the closing one isn't being recognized.

    Youu have some serious problems with your code tho0ugh:

  • ZBlogs

    In IE7 it only affects sporadic blogs, in IE8 all blogs are broken including main unless you run in compatibility mode, in FF(latest download this morning), main blog seems ok, but still random as to some haveing shrunken text on side bar.

    It appears to only be right side bars affected.
    Ive de-activated, and completely removed all plugins, addons and widgets that have been messed with or changed since this started.

    For the coding issues 95% of these are generated from an affiliate software from POD sites, and the coding having issues with attaching referral id's to the links. While it is a nuisence, there isnt a lot I can do about those in particular till the provider updates their coded files and releases them. Ive tried to manually update their files but it only breaks their software and people lose their referrals. While the errors are present and that sux, at least people are keeping their earned referrals. This particular software has been running since day one for over a year now with no changes made to it.

    Trying to attache some images to this post. It doesnt seem that it is related to a specific browser, as its various blogs are having the same issue from different browsers.

  • Tammie

    If these are themes from another resource then we can only advise you change the CSS or talk to the source, if they are from our source we can review code or help you get a resolution. It's not clear to me which is the case as you mention Elegant themes.

    I see someone has flagged this for my attention (be cool if someone can tell me why :grinning: but I'm not overly sure why as I can only really comment on our themes. Every theme designer does things differently. You can try and fix things perhaps using firebug:

  • ZBlogs

    Im thinking its not just a theme issue, since the basic 2010 theme is affected as well, I was just using them as examples. Brand new blogs that get setup are affected as well.

    Im about ready to hire someone to go in and tear everything apart as after 4 days of working on this im about to my wits end.
    After not only disabling all plugins(except supporters and multidomain, wich there were no issues with just these running before hand) but also deleting all but previously mentioned plugins from files and system, the issue still stands.
    There have not been any actual site wide changes since we upgraded to 3.0.1 and installed supporters and multi domains and all was still working at that point.
    Suddenly 4-5 days ago everything started going wonky site wide.

  • ZBlogs

    I agree, I feel like throwing puter, laptop, screens and everything out window right about now. itll probably end up being something silly stupid too.
    I put in a job request on the hire a developer portion of the site here, hopefully ill get someone thats familiar with or seen something similar to this in the past. If not, im just going to flush the past two years and the program down the toilet and be done with it.

    Frusterated Severely

  • ZBlogs

    Doesnt seem like no one wants to hire on to mess with it either. Just goes to prove, dont try to improve something thats already working.
    Just cause it works on test bed doesnt mean itll work in real world. Time to roll everything back to before I added any plugins from here to the site, hope everyone doesnt get pissed for downtime, and prepare for the worst.
    I guess pissing off a few more is not too bad since 90% of the blogs arent usable right now.
    Must say im a little dissapointed at the level of support that fricken $80 pays for.

    I had 3 plugin issues and a request, and none of them were answered, fixed or even offered a suggestion other than can I look around in your site backend to wich I never recieved a response. This is besides this issue currently at hand.
    I even offered to pay extra and still no response, at this point a piss off no one is willing to touch that is better than just wondering, hmmm is someone looking or thinking about helping or is it just another batch of wasted funds that go unanswered.
    While yall do have some nice plugins, im not thinking id be willing to refer anyone over cause I feel that for $80 a month, the support should really be a lot higher than it currently is.

    See ya laters on guys, and thanks to those that offered.
    Bill H.

  • Mason

    Hiya Bill,

    I'm sorry for the trouble you're having with your site. We all really do know how frustrating that is - especially when your users are counting on your service.

    I wish we could be of more help, but it appears that the problems you're experiencing are very specific to your install and not an issue with our products. That being said, I know Ulrich has responded to another of your threads here and asked you to send in some login information so that he can check into this for you. Honestly, that's probably all we can do for ya.

    If you're interested, you'll just need to send something through the contact form on this site. Make sure Ulrich's name is in the subject and that you put a link to this thread (and the multi-site thread) so he can immediately know what he's looking for.

    At this time, that's the best service we can offer. Issues like these can be tough to find takers on in the WPMU Job boards as they're difficult for anyone to give a fair estimate.


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