Fonts and Plugins on our Site Slowing It Down

We have only have about five or six plugins on our site and I am trying to make our site as fast as possible. We have a few things in the works here... I have two plugins that control google fonts and not sure if they are all calling fonts at the same time. Also our dev made us a few short codes but when I did the page speed test it seems every time you use the short code it calls the font. So on one page we have the short code calling it five times!!! Is there a way to control this so all these fonts are not being called?

The screen shot shows this and I think those are from the short code.

any suggestions

1. Plugins are:
Custom Press
Protected Content
Yoast SEO
Visual Composer
Ultimate Add ons for Visual Composer


I added one more screen shot as I do not understand what this means with the ? in the url and if anyone knows how to fix that as well. I am not sure why the plugin ultimate addon and contact form 7 are making two inquires on this page.