footer and admin bar has dissapeared

I am using WPMU 2.8.6 & BP 1.1.2.

I just noticed that the adminbar and my footer has disappeared from the buddypress home page and main blog on my website.

I am using the default theme with mostly css modifications. I know that it was working till a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I cant think of anything else I might have changed except for some theme tweaks on header.php and home.php of the front page theme. I reverted these changes (even tried using the original default theme) but it didn't work so I don't think its a theme problem.

Using firebug, I see that the footer is not being called at all but I cannot understand why this may be so. Also, firebug is not reporting any (new) errors.

I checked and get_footer() is present in the template.

I would appreciate any help in this matter. The site is at

Thanks in advance!

  • kunal17

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for your help. As it turns out moving to the Social theme does fix things so I guess its a problem with my theme. I dont know why it didnt work when I tried it with the default theme earlier.

    I do have get_footer() being called as usual so I just dont understand why its not working :slight_frown:.

    What I tried next is using my custom header.php, home.php and footer.php files in the buddypress social theme and I cant seem to reproduce the problem (ie the admin bar & footer shows up fine). So the problem lies with my customizedtheme but outside these 3 files. Can you suggest what I should try next?

    Thanks again.