Footer and Class Customization for Coursepress Pro

Hey, I'm taking another swing at building up an online course website… The last time really didn't go over well, but I'm hoping the bugs preventing me from making use of the Coursepress Pro plugin have for the most part been fixed now.

I'm trying to do this with a third-party theme, and not the Coursepress Pro theme (nor Upfront/other WPMU themes)

So far I've figured out how to make use of the Shortcodes, to replicate most of the automatic/default pages in Coursepress Pro. A couple things are standing in the way:

1) For some reason, the Instructor pages do not add the footer. This is creating spacing issues (Picture 1). Now I thought that most default Coursepress pages pull the 'post archive' template. My theme actually has a customization to define 'archive/post' template, and when double checking through an archived Category search, the footer is indeed there. The footer is also present on the default Course Detail pages, so I'm a little confused on if the Instructor pages are classified as something else? (Picture 2)

I would prefer to add the footer without adding a 'get' function to my theme's function.php file – or if it has to be a function, a function that would ONLY apply to Coursepress Pro instructor pages (as this is part of a multi-site, and it shares the theme with other sub-sites / I don't want to do a child theme).

2) Besides the footer, the only other problem I have at this stage is with the buttons. I'm wondering if there's a way through CSS that I can force a class change? A sample button that's been re-formatted can be seen in Picture 2 (blue/green gradient). Some examples:

<button class=&quot;apply-button apply-button-details &quot; data-link=&quot;;>Details</button>

Works but it doesn't look very good (Picture 3). After doing some button creation/testing, I found that this class changes it to something more inline with what it should be:

<button class="btn-shortcode dt-btn-m dt-btn default-btn-color default-btn-hover-color default-btn-bg-color default-btn-bg-hover-color" data-link="">Manage Course</button>

That being said, when I tried it with a Div class

<div class=&quot;featured-course-link&quot;> <button data-link=&quot;;>Find out more.</button></div>

Converted to

<div class=&quot;btn-shortcode dt-btn-m dt-btn default-btn-color default-btn-hover-color default-btn-bg-color default-btn-bg-hover-color&quot;> <button data-link=&quot;;>Find out more.</button> </div>

It didn't work changing the div class. (Picture 4)

<div class=&quot;featured-course-link&quot;><button class=&quot;btn-shortcode dt-btn-m dt-btn default-btn-color default-btn-hover-color default-btn-bg-color default-btn-bg-hover-color&quot; data-link=&quot;;>Find out more.</button></div>

Did work correctly though. So I need a way to change button with a class, as well as a way to add this class to Coursepress buttons that don't have a class.

Sorry for the long post, tried to be as descriptive as possible.