footer call issue with BP Corp theme

I am getting the following error using this theme:
<?php wp_footer(); ?> but it is not called directly before </body>

I have disabled all plugins other than BP to eliminate any potential conflicts as well as removed any widgets - so it is a very clean installation right now and still getting the same

Also was getting a similar message with BP Feature theme, except it was showing the same issue with both the header and the footer, so switched and am getting the above error for the footer.

I have made no changes to the theme at all, and there doesn't seem to be anything in the theme options that would be calling out either.

Any ideas??

  • DavidM
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    Hello cemelody,

    Just to make sure I understand this right, by error, do you mean that <?php wp_footer(); ?> is being displayed on the page itself?

    Could we perhaps get a screenshot of that, or better yet a link where we could see what's going on?


  • cemelody
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    No - it's being displayed inside the admin section of the site itself, exactly as I pasted it above.
    The site itself looks okay - no funky code showing on the website - just the error message showing at the top of the admin dashboard for the site admin where the theme is being used. The BP business theme showed a similar error message except that it referenced both the header and the footer.

    I have seen such messages with other themes in the past but it is usually related to a plugin conflict - so I disabled all plugins and widgets to see if it would clear up the conflict. It did not.

  • cemelody
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    No, nothing caching, and WP_DEBUG not defined - all plugins have been deactivated - I even deactivated BP, and it still shows up. This only occurs with WPMUDev themes - I am not having the same issue with any outside themes, such as Elegant Themes.

    I guess the easiest thing to do is just reinstall on a clean database on re-add each plugin separately

  • cemelody
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    well - I have now tested with BP business, corporate, feature and the 'default' BP theme - and the error shows in the admin panel of ALL of them EXCEPT the default BP theme - so it would appear to be a conflict between the BP plugin and the premium themes?

    Have any changes been made to the BP plugin recently and the premium themes have not yet been updated? I just downloaded and installed everything 3 days ago.

  • Mason
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    I can't figure what would be causing this. I'll ask a one of our theme developers to follow up because I'm not able to reproduce this error. Also, would you mind posting a screenshot of the message?

    Thanks - and apologies we haven't been able to sort this more quickly.

  • cemelody
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you, but I am in the process of ripping out the install and starting the whole thing fresh as I need to get the site up ASAP - if it shows up in the next install, I will indeed take screen shots but what is above was cut and pasted from the admin panel - right at the top where you normally get any kind of warning, so a screen shot won't really show anything more.

    The odd part is that it is only with BP themes

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