Footer has made my site content disapear.

I've been having major problems with the footer. I finally gave in and went with the global footer that wouldn't go AWAY. I changed the titles, created content off the existing materials and now not only is all that work gone but my a lot of my pages contents is gone! I gonna try and recover but to say the least I'm very frustrated, please help..

  • john troiano

    Hi Jude,

    I thought we had it solved but this issue has mutated. Please see post #14,860. My first question is when I go to theme setting/edit global regions/ should I be able to edit the header and footer regions? The only available option is trash..
    Basically I gave up trying to remove the footer and just edited the content ie. replace the text and links with my own. I saved it , and the original footer reappeared and suddenly some pages lost content. I deleted the footers for the thousandth time and went with ultimate brandings footer content. As previously suggested, I put
    #ub_global_footer_content {
    display: none;
    but apparently this hides all footers because the UB footer didn't show up either. Now with no footers if I access my site from anywhere but the wp dashboard I guess the jscript doesn't work so the site shows up with virtually no content other than text.

    I checked for plugin conflicts and the problem still exists.

  • Jude

    Hi there @john troiano

    As I understand it, scribe works with spirit, but can it be a conflict between spirit and scribe

    Scribe and Sprit are both child themes that work on the upfront parent theme. While it is highly unlikely but its possible that having one may over ride settings from the other. Both the themes store values in your database and not in theme files

    Stinks, becuase all the work I did today is gone and I'm afraid to make any more changes in fear of the footer

    This is really strange, we've head this once with an earlier version but not the one you're on. I've not come across similar issues with global regions.

    Since you're anyway restoring from a saved point my advice is proceed cautiously and save often. Its likely the issue described here could be caused by a few hasty clicks.

    Let me know if you have issues with the restored theme.


    PS: This is one of the better sites I've seen not just with Scribe but with Upfront itself. Will make a really good addition to the showcase when done.

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