Footer not aligning with Background

We are in the process of creating a new styling withe the Network Theme and Buddy Press enabled. Im having a development company help with integrating a new styling. and we are running into a bit of a hiccup.

Do you see this issue in the Network Theme?
If so can we get an update?
If not, what can we do?

I have no problem giving you guys access, or giving you their contact information if at least on a email basis.. Whatever we need to do Im up for it you guys have been great to work with other little issues ive needed help with.. Let me know. We are pushing for a Release date of the new social network for March 1st. Thanks

Here is the message from Development Company...

"Good news first – the new theme is mostly in place and looks pretty solid right now:

Bad news – you’ll notice the background doesn’t meet the footer properly. This seems like an easy fix, except there’s a problem in the page markup (which I’m trying not to touch at all, in order to allow updates easily). I eventually traced it to unclosed div tags screwing up the structure. And even worse, the problem varies depending on which page you’re looking at, so it’s impossible to hack around :stuck_out_tongue:

This bug is even present in the official Network theme demo featured at:

W3C validator confirm:

Anyway, long story short, this is a bug in the Network theme itself. Best long-term path would be to report it to them, and wait for an official fix. Anything I do to fix it would probably be overwritten in the next update. Bummer. "