Footer Widgets Formatting

I am trying to put ads (250 x 250px) in my four footer widgets. I would like them evenly spaced with matching borders but am not having any luck with trying to figure it out.

Please see screenshot showing a 1px border around each widget, and notice that none of the ads are centered within the boxes.

The Custom CSS I'm using is
/* Begin - Footer Widgets - adjust padding - keeps 250 x 250 image size correct and prevents shifting to the right */
.inside-footer-widgets.inner-padding {
padding: 0px; }

/* Begin - Footer Widget Format For 4 images 250 x 250 each */
.footer-widget-4.grid-parent.grid-25.tablet-grid-50 {
border: 1px solid #000;
height: 266px;
width: 266px;

/* Begin - Adzone Sidbar Padding */
.paszone_container {
padding:10px 0px 11px 2px;

Could you please help. Support Access is granted. Thank you.