For a few days I’m trying to get help. My first attempted

For a few days I’m trying to get help. My first attempted was 3 days ago, now the second try with same outcome. At first I’m getting the almost immediate response with access request but after I let access no staff uses this access grant, nobody communicate with me. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Yuri!

    Here's how our support system works:

    1. When you first submit a question, it's fed to the person who's working the front line. (Me, in this case.)
    2. We try to help as much as we can with the first response, but sometimes we need more information or to ask for support access.
    3. Follow-up replies are given from oldest threads to newest, so the second response you'll get will not be as quick as the initial response, depending on how many threads we're juggling at once.
    4. Right now, it's pretty busy, so there are about 100 threads my support team is working on right now, including several complex threads that have required dozens of back and forth communications.

    We try very hard - to the point that most of our team works 70-80 hours a week - to keep up with the older posts as fast as we can, but the sheer volume of questions we deal with means it may take a day or two to make it to the top of the follow-up queue.

    One thing on your end that can hinder this process is trying to bump your previous threads with multiple replies, which can send you back to the bottom of the queue and delay our response to you.

    I'll go take a peek at your older threads in just a bit and see if I can help track down the issue you're having.

    Thanks for your patience, and know that any wait you may have means that we're giving all of our members our very best, and spending as much time as it takes to resolve issues. That means that when you get to the top of the queue, you'll get the same level of individualized attention we're giving those who are ahead of you in our line.

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