For a product category search, can I tune the store MP Product Grid instead of being redirected?

Multisite; Pro3 theme; MarketPress; jQuery Accordion Menu; fixed MP product category.

Regarding Pro Product Grid on shop-fronts:

1) Product Grid CSS: Would like to reduce product grid-size. How can I decrease "product-meta" height from 50px to 25px. How can I define the image-size to 150x150? Can't isolate in css. (Managed to hide buy-now btn successfully.)

2) MP Grid Function: Can product-category menu buttons refresh the front page MP grid, tuning grid to that product category? Instead of going to another product search page with results, and further searching. Is there a url link I can use, or a setting, or code to add in?

These are the links I use now, that go to this product search page:

--Main Site - Global Product Category Search
Example of custom link used in menu buttons:

--SubSite - Local Product Category Search
Example of custom link in menu buttons:

3) MP Product Search Page: The page with the product category search results has no sidebar, therefore no shop identification and navigation (confusing to shoppers). If I cannot do the above then:
a) What page template is being used?
b) How can I add sidebar2 into that page?

Thank you!