Domain Mapping plugin bug


For the [Domain Mapping] plugin usage, a bug is experienced for the WordPress multisite installation at secured with a wildcard SSL certificate.

The plugin becomes useless as the mapped domains can’t be secured for the various administration logins.

For the domain as an example, the DNS record A is routed to the multisite installation IP, and within the domain backend [Tools : Domain Mapping] section, the domain is then mapped to the subdomain

For the domain administration login to be secured then, utilizing the wildcard SSL certificate, within the superadmin backend [Network Admin : Settings : Domain Mapping] section, the [Administration mapping] option is set to [original domain].

The domain DNS setting however overrides this superadmin backend setting. When the network admin login page at is then entered, that address is routed to the domain admin login page resulting in certificate error.

Please review your plugin, for this bug experienced to be fixed.

Best regards,
Jan Kaare