For work I need to map my domain parked the domain of my

For work I need to map my domain parked the domain of my client on my server, I believe that if you do some configuration on my server it already points to the direct site of the network, what is this setting on my computer for when I by the IP in cpanel of my client go straight to my network without parked.

  • Estevão

    Not want to use my domain parked client, I set up my server, now he has this IP however if I change the primary input for that IP does not work when it arrives on my server, I have to enter the parked whm the domain of the client to my network works there, I believe there should be some configuration of my server when I get to my server already go straight to my network without this parked, this way the client can not map a field alone, it needs me to the parked domain it on my server.

  • Ash

    Hello @Estevão

    I am still not sure if I understand it correctly. You don't want to park your client's domain, right?

    In that case, is a dedicated IP? If yes, then you need to ask your host to configure the IP in such way that the IP points to network site. That means, if you enter the IP in the browser the network site should be loaded.

    When this is done, you need to pass the IP to your client. The client will configure their A records for their domain to point at your IP. And it will work.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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