For WPMU, is there a way to add a new RSS feed to multiple blogs at once?

I know I can add the feed to one blog at a time, but is there a way to do it for all the blogs or multiples of them at a time?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Satchidanand,

    Currently there isn't, It wouldn't be good for SEO though adding the same feed to each subsite as they would all have the same content, which isn't good for SEO. You could use the multisite content copier plugin to copy the posts to other blogs once the autoblog has imported the feed to 1 site, though this would be a manual process, it wouldn't do it automatically when new feeds are imported.

    Or I may have misunderstood, do you mean you want to be able to add a different feed to each subsite all in 1 go? though this still isn't possible i'm afraid.

    Hope this helps

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