Forced to HTTPS on new site signup

I have received the errors on test site (XAMPP – localhost = SSL is disabled on the mainsite) and production site (Hosting provider = SSL is enabled on the mainsite) after upgrading the Pro Sites plugin few days ago. When trying to register/sign-up for a new site/blog, user was forced to the HTTPS and give me untrusted certificate page, and then 404 Object not found. The last time I tested the signup process was yesterday morning, it was working fine without any changes applied to the site afterwards. Please advice.

https://MainSite.localhost/pro-site/?action=new_blog&blog_template=X <– XAMPP local <– Live Server

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    Strangely enough, it got itself sorted without me doing anything on the live site but issue is still existing on the test site under my local dev machine. All the settings are the same on both, no fixed https was stipulated anywhere in the settings, DB, htaccess, and wp-config.php. When I network deactivated BuddyPress plugin, the url seemed to be working normal and set to http without browser certificate issue. All the same settings from test site are applied to the live site with no obvious problem so far. Please advice.

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    Hi Cas,

    I’m glad to hear that your live site is back to normal.

    Since I’m not sure what could be still causing this on your local environment so I have forwarded your thread to our second level support dev guys for some further explanation on this.

    Please note that, developer response might be slower than usual staff response, so we appreciate your patience on this.

    Best regards,


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    OK, Predrag. I will be waiting. Thank you. Please also note that both live and test sites were working fine before the latest update releases on the Pro Sites during the past week. No modification, new settings, alteration or any changes were applied to the site from my end during this time. The morning I tested the live site with the real data, it was still working well and produced the right result. Same day in the afternoon, I was coming back to check the other issues, then found out that it wasn’t working as intended any more.

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