Forcing site to http, but still some links direct to https.


Some of our customers are experiencing the problem that they are being directed to a https URL, when we don't have SSL support enabled and are even forcing the sites to http. This problem does not exist with the "original domain", only with the mapped domains.

One example is the website "". When logged in as admin you can visit the page "Publicaties" and from the admin-bar choose to edit the page (or "Pagina bewerken" in Dutch). When you follow this link, you'll notice that for some unknown reason you are sent to a URL with https. This prevents the user from being able to edit a page. This same problem can be reproduced in the dashboard as well by going to Pages and selecting any page to edit.

The "original domain" (which is you can find in the dashboard) does not show this weird behaviour, so it seems to be a problem with domain mapping.

I have enabled support access for you, so you can reproduce the problem and check if there are any settings that could explain this weird issue.

Thanks in advance,

Dennis Homberg (colleague of Tom van Leeuwen)