Foreign Langauges display as "???????" in Forums

When I post something under the group forums in a foreign language language such as Russian, it shows as “???????????”. However, foreign languages appear fine everywhere else, such as in activity feeds. Only forums are not internationalized. I am using Blogs MU Theme with most recent version of BP. I have lots of international users just waiting to dive into the forums if they can use it. I'd be grateful for any feedback!

Thank you,


  • DavidM
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    Hi Pallaias!

    I can't seem to find any reference to a localization issue with the BP forums. Could you maybe provide a screenshot of exactly where you're seeing the ?????? displayed on screen?

    Also, just to be sure we've gotten this ruled out, could you try switching to the default BuddyPress theme to see if the issue persists there?


  • Mason
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    As we haven't heard anything for awhile on this one I'm marking it as resolved. Should ya have the need for further instruction, please 'reopen' this thread and we'll continue to take a look.

    You can always alternatively open up a new thread.


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