Form is not displaying because of an inline style

I have created 2 forms on my site and added them to their respective pages using the shortcode but for some reason one is not displaying, the other one works fine.

Running a plugin/theme conflict test returned the same results so we further investigated it during the chat and found that there seems to be a inline style “display: none” added to it that is causing this.

We added a new rule to the form “display: block !important;” under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS to force it to be displayed but would like to know why that inline style was added to the form so I don’t need to use custom CSS to make it work.

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi Alex !

    You had validation enabled on the Phone number but you didn't input any number to actually limit the number ( see attached screenshot - the 10 is a placeholder value set as an example ). This resulted in a jquery error ( it could be seen in your websites console ) so the form was hiding itself because it contained errors.

    I've removed the validation from the field for the time being, if you want you can re-enable it but please input a number for it to work properly. I've also removed your custom css style. You'll see that the form is shown properly now since it doesn't contain any errors.

    I hope this helps!


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