Format/design issues after WPMUDev installations


My website seems to be broken at the front end (you can see the nav isnt right, the slider images aren't appearing, other images aren't appearing).

It was working fine prior to installing WPMUDev plugins; it was also working fine during the process too, but something seems to have broken it somehow.

Can you investigate?

  • John Swaringen
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    One problem is that you have 10 empty columns in the menu. This is causing it to wrap down onto the next line. It's also forcing a break between words in the menu. I suggest making two menus in the header. If that doesn't work you might try adding a menu to the main part of the page (shortcode) and then use CSS to position it. Like:

    .menu-2 {
    float: right;
    margin-top: -50;

    Having a negative margin will allow it to move up into the header. It's a hack but I'm having to use it on a project right now.

    Also if you use the "white-space: nowrap;" css tag on the

      html tag it'll keep the words from wrapping.
  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello James

    Currently, all the WPMU DEV plguins are deactivated. Deactivated plugins can't take any effect, so I think the issue is with something else.

    Thanks for enabling support access, I logged in and checked something.

    Your slider is selected as post slider and so, featured images are supposed to show as the slider image but I found out some posts do not have featured images. Would you please check if those posts ever had any featured image or lost somehow? Please let me know about this.

    About the menu, I can see there are lots of blank entries in the Appearances > Menu section. Please delete those blank entries, and check how it looks.

    I have also noticed a CORS notice in the console for your fonts. Did you change your URL from non-www version to www version recently?

    Please let me know about these. Have a nice day!


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