Formatting display of Custom Content Dashboard Widget Plugin

Installed and was formatting text in box using HTML. That appeard to be working, but then I changed some of the text using the "Configure" link in the Dashboard and it lost all theHTML formating. Went back into the Settings >> Dashboard widget area, my HTML is intact but without the changes. Entered the changes here, hit Save and in Dashboard my changes appear but again all formatting is lost. This is pretty useless widget with just one long string of text - also the example shown shows heavy CSS customization. Nowhere could I find documentation on customizing the output display on this widget on WPMU. This is a great idea, but so far very disappointing mess - client is now upset that it is not working. Very clean install, I am a longtime WP developer. WP 3.6.1 on FF and Chrome. Would send a screenshot but see no place to upload it here. Thanks, Haylie