Formatting Left Sidebar Images In WooCommerce

On my website at you have helped me format the WooCommerce left sidebar pages, without it affecting the main store left sidebar widgets, with the following code:

/* Begin - Store Left Sidebar Format Category images/buttons without affecting main site */
.post-type-archive-product #left-sidebar .inside-left-sidebar .widget_text,
.woocommerce-cart #left-sidebar .inside-left-sidebar .widget_text,
.woocommerce-checkout #left-sidebar .inside-left-sidebar .widget_text,
.page-id-5079 #left-sidebar .inside-left-sidebar .widget_text,
.single-product #left-sidebar .inside-left-sidebar .widget_text {
/* End - Left Sidebar Format Category images */

This has worked perfectly except for product-category pages such as and

I tried just adding .product-category to the above code but it doesn't work. I guess it needs to take into account a product following. Can you please tell me how to format the left sidebar widgets for product-categories, without it interfering with the main website left sidebar.

Support access is granted.
Thank you.