Formatting membership levels

Okay, I have a complicated membership question.

I want to have five membership levels for my site:

1. Free user. Access to everything BUT the BuddyPress pages, and no access to any blogs but the main Cambria Equine blog and

2. Community Member. Access to all BuddyPress pages but NOT any blogs (or ability to create blogs) except for the main Cambria Equine blog and

3. Classroom Member. Access to NO BuddyPress/Multisite pages except for the main Cambria Equine blog and, and

4. Coaching Member. ONLY access to blogs (all blogs on the site). No access to any BuddyPress Pages.

5. Cambria Member. Access to absolutely everything.

But I have some issues.

For the free, Coaching, and Community user, they can still access, although I've specifically set that as a hidden blog in the Negative Rules of the membership plugin.

The Coaching Member is not able to access all other student blogs like they should be, either.

@Cole was helping me during the live support session but it was proving a little too complicated to finish there, so hence the post...