Formatting on mobile, white band & large font


After an initially euphoric moment when viewing an Upfront site on a phone, I then discovered, after customisation, that a white band had appeared on the right which squashes all the content up.

Having played around with font sizes and hidden some elements, I am almost happy with it, but the white band is clearly ruining the appearance and reducing the already limited space. Also, having reduced the header font size, it is still appearing far too large on mobiles, where it looks nothing like on the Upfront editing screen. I will attach a screenshot of how it appears on mobile.

It should be possible to have different font and element sizes (especially images) on mobile devices. Upfront allows you to hide elements, which is great, but to be really effective for creating mobile sites, the Responsive Mode should allow you to change these things (or at least automagically adjust them) for smartphones and tablets. Another example is that buttons and images are misaligned making the page look odd.

Is this something the developers are looking/will look at?