Formidable vs. Gravity Forms

Is anyone here using Gravity Forms with WPMU products? If so, what's your experience?

I'm trying Formidable Pro ( now but having multiple conflicts with the WPMU login redirect plugin and the Ultimate Facebook plugin. Specifically, these plugins cause Formidable to send notification emails twice.

Thanks in advance for any input you might have.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey David.

    I've not really used Formidable Pro, but I have played around with Gravity Forms and I know a few others here use them as well.

    I never noticed any issues and they support custom post types which our recent plugins of course use. (MarketPress, Events, etc)

    I really do like the Gravity Forms plugin and enjoyed playing with it, I've not used it extensively so maybe some other users here who have would like to share their experiences.

    Take care.

  • Sean
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi David,

    I am looking at both Gravity Forms and Formidable right now. Gravity Forms is suppose to be an easier interface and upgrading is suppose to be easier, but I will still probably go with Formidable Pro. Formidable's graphing ability and better data management options seems to make it a better choice.

    The pricing model is far better for Formidable - half the price for lifetime vs annual renewal.

    I read somewhere Edublog's is using Formidable. Maybe someone at WPMUDEV can comment on this topic. I am interested too.


  • bynon
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Sean,

    I purchased Formidable Pro first. Stephanie's customer service is amazing. She is the most responsive and helpful developer I have purchased from in years. It's a shame, too, because her product is right on the edge of being great.

    Unfortunately I ran into two problems that Stephanie could not solve. The first one has to do with the sender's email address. Formidable Pro restricts you to a drop down list of choices rather than allowing you to specify the sender. That was too restrictive for my need.

    The second problem was that Formidable Pro sends notification emails to the admin twice when it's used in conjunction with the WPMU Ultimate Facebook and Login Redirect plugins.

    Enter Gravity Forms. After three days they still have not answered my original pre-sales post in the forums, but their product seems to be flawless. It's very flexible and seems to interface with just about everything you would ever want. I'm also starting to notice other products that interface with Gravity Forms, like WooCommerce.

    As an aside, if you are thinking of offering Gravity Forms to website subscribers, you will want to use it in conjunction with an SMTP plugin. I tested a couple. WP-Mail-SMTP works the best.



  • foodfriendfinder
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Being a Gravity forms subscriber for 2 years I haven't had any problems...but appreciate the input about Formidable forms...

    Definitely looks applicable and many features....but actually it's the cheaper price I like too. lol

    I want to have the best forms available and price is not a concern.
    If formidable is better..I would definitely switch.

  • josephdowdy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The reason for my switch was the horrific customer support from Gravity. When I needed them and paid for their "priority support" they blamed my webhost and couldn't prove it over the course of EIGHT DAYS. Can you believe I paid for support and they wouldn't prove their accusation for EIGHT DAYS? When I switched to Formidable Pro, all worked right off to bat and their support has been freaking awesome--responsive and dead on. If you sign up, please use my affiliate link (or don't):

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hello everyone! Tim it’s good to see you again; and special thanks for all your help!

    I just purchased Gravity Forms last week. The first question about double emails, it’s in your form settings and maybe even you email forwarder in c-panel.

    Support! Rob at GF let me send him a form on text doc because what I was wanting to do was kind of complex for a beginner. He made the form did screen shots, exchanged emails with me on Friday – Saturday & Sunday!

    So to put down their support; I would have to say is just not fair. The forms themselves will replace over 6 plugins i am using. “Less plugins less problems.” What is really awesome I’ve only had GF 6 days. I am very excited about the forms, and very happy with the support I have received.

  • josephdowdy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Support is only as good as the last interaction you have. For two years, they were great and then the last time they hung me out to dry. And I'm not the only one by the way. I had found a blog entry where someone else detailed the problems they had with Gravity. When it matters, you need great service 100% of the time. Formidable Pro has been doing that for me each and every time.

  • josephdowdy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I used to believe that Gravity Forms was the only game in town and I really want people to know there is a choice. The folks at Gravity Forms act like there is no serious competition out there and I think that's why they don't put much effort lately into earning customers. I think it's sad. I even made a video featuring Gravity Forms and bragging about them. I'm really embarrassed that they changed so much...and it cost me money for eight days while they refused to go to work fixing my problem.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    I am really sorry to hear about your experience with GF. However I have learned the importance of not taking up my own offences; let alone other peoples. There are a lot of companies I choose not to do business with, but I know that one day I have to give an account for every word that comes out of my mouth, so I try to speak as many positive words as I can. I will give you the last word on this one josephdowdy. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

  • josephdowdy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    And I was just answering bynon (who is no longer active) at the top of the page.

    I forgot to mention that I also used to get double notifications, but there is a way to prevent that from happening. It's not a wpmudev problem.

    There is a setting where you can have your notifications go to you by default as the administrator PLUS an email address and I'd imagine that you have set it to both.

    Two months ago, I would have said stick with Gravity Forms but I can't say that any more. I can't afford any more problems with Gravity that can't get resolved right away.

  • jamesathomson
    • The Crimson Coder

    What's my experience of Gravity Forms?

    Well I love the product (bar a few issues) but the support can DEFINITELY do better, let me explain why.

    I have their 'developer' licence - which should get premium support - yet responses to my queries usually take a number of days, with replies often unhelpful one liners.

    If you question their working practices, they get very defensive - sometimes even arrogant.

    I get the impression they are overstretched and have no dedicated support people which leaves the developers todo support aswell as their day job.

    I am persisiting with them though because the product is good. I live in hope they will sort their other services out. Will I renew? Hmmmmm.....

    Hope that helps.

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Even though the OP is no longer active, I thought I'd chime in here as a user of Gravity Forms. Although I've always had great experience with support, @josephdowdy is absolutely correct. Your opinion is based upon your last experience. So far, mine has been great.

    However, Formidable has ONE specific feature that one of my clients really needs. He's an attorney, and I'm building a section of his website so that clients can visit that section, login, and put their information into a form. If they submit it and something changes such that they wanted to change the information submitted, with GF, they are stuck. With Formidable, they can revisit their original form submission (I assume through a link) and change any information that they'd like. To do that with GF, I'd have to code a separate page/form to pull the data from the MySQL database, display it, and allow it to be edited. With Formidable, it's already there. So, for this specific client, I'm probably going to purchase Formidable and do it that way.

    So far, GF has become my staple for forms - ousting all others such as Contact Form 7 and several others. I use it for everything from a simple contact form to a complex data entry form to get an insurance quote.

    Hope this helps someone else doing a search in the future.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • Bob
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    It seems that marketing is the key as always. Gravity just does a better job of it (marketing). From their website (Formidable's site isn't intuitive) to their fanbase (Gravity's fans are omnipresent in the forums and tout Gravity while Formidable's fans are - me) their activity (Gravity seems to always be working on something new while Formidable lies dormant for the most part) and their add-ons (Gravity has several doo-hickeys while Formidable has only a few and they're not much).

    So at first blush, and that's what most people will react to, Gravity has a serious advantage. But that's where it ends. Under the hood, Formidable has more options, more power and more potential. And probably, the most important feature that Formidable has that Gravity doesn't even come close to - Stephanie.

  • Dennis
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This has not been commented on in a while and the Formidable Pro product has really matured, it does things that I could not do with Gravity (I even purchased gravity first then got a refund around a month later because of my frustration). I am not associated with them, just a very very happy customer. I came across this while seeing if anyone has experience interfacing membership 2 with formidables registration plugin which is in use on my site. If I can get the two to play together I will be a very very happy camper.

    Edit: My frustration came in the form of creating views and displaying specific data to specific users.

  • Dean Loh
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I can see this is a very old thread, but I believe people are still asking the same question these days, so I wanted to contribute my view.

    I have been using Formidable Pro for all our client projects. The most recent projects I was working on, need to enable users to send files to Dropbox. The native File field does not support that, though from the community forum I read that I could do it via Zapier. So I spent almost entire evening trying but failed to get that to work.

    So I looked up on Gravity Forms and found out it does that natively. I went ahead and purchased the Developer license. Lo and behold, while it may have solved the Dropbox issue, I found it out the hard way that Gravity Forms does not support Repeatable Fields. It's 2017, why wouldn't it!? Then there were many smaller issues but enough to cause pain, eg it doesn't calculate age based on date input (the form I was working on is a competition registration form, the competition only opens for people above certain age)

    Gravity Forms may have many other features that Formidable Pro does not. But I weighed in the pros and cons for our projects, I decided to exercise my 30 day money-back.

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