Forminator and usbmitted data to searchable database


A client wants users to fill out a multi-page form and then have it submit the data to a database that is easily searchable (grid style) in the wordpress admin panel. Can forminator do this? Does it integrate with any database plugins? If not forminator, what plugins() can do this?

  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Hey cornelius_butler

    Forminator comes with built-in filters on the submissions page which include keyword search, between a date range, from this to that submission id, etc. That could work well for your client. Attached is the screenshot of the filters included on submissions page:

    To answer your questions, Forminator doesn't integrate with any other 3rd party database plugins. If you need to display the submitted data in a different way and make it searchable too, you can even try building an add-on for Forminator using the dev API. Shouldn't be too difficult to fetch the entries and display them in a certain way



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