Forminator: Conditional “next” button or submission

Correct me if this feature is already available and I missed it.

I’m using a course submissions form where one radio button is the course type and one the course time. These combinations of the radio buttons theoretically have a limited usage, based on the space in each course. Currently I’m manually adding a warning, but the user can still submit the form on the ‘full’-marked course.

Idea 1:
I would like to disable the ‘next’ button on these certain conditions. For example: If someone selects option 1-1 and 2-1 I want to disable the form submission or disable the next step. I haven’t seen this feature yet.

Idea 2 (this would already work):
I could also make a seperate form for each course and time combination and set a limit there. That would make 12 forms active a year and making changes would be a lot of work. Not to speak about creating new 12 forms for every year.

Does someone maintain a course form with Forminator as well and what’s your solution?