Forminator - Display Content On Page


I've been using Forminator and love the plugin.
I would like to make a feature suggestion. I would like to see the ability to display the content of a form on a page.

For my example :
I would like to build a "Review" form for a service I offer users. Once the service is completed, I would like to send them to the Forminator form to review that service. Once the user submits that form, it would post that information on a page where I direct it to do so. This way I can display all the feedback of that service on a page. I think Forminator would be perfect for this but at the current time, I have no way to display the contents of a form on a page.

  • Joshua

    Hi Katya Tsihotska ,
    Thanks for the reply.

    I was also thinking it would be nice if this plugin integrated with BBPress. If I'm running a support forum, I would like to create a Forminator form and when the user submits the form, instead of sending an email to the admin/user, it would automatically post this information in bbpress and open a support ticket.

    I feel like the possibilities with this plugin are almost limitless.

    For my above example, the plugin already has the POST DATA ability. So I could set up a category in Wordpress for "Reviews" and then have the user submit that information from the front end using Forminator.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is if the plugin integrates with custom meta fields. I use Dev4Pres Content Toolbox and I can create my own meta fields/boxes. If Forminator could allow use to use our own custom meta fields, I could create my own Review Post with custom meta fields that users could submit and post into a category I set up for user submitted reviews.

    • Joshua

      With the current Post Data, I don't see a way for me to be able to restrict the category that the user can submit to. Currently, I just have the option to allow a category choice - which then allows the user to choose any category. I'm trying to create a "Review" form , so I want them to only post in the "Review" category. Just some examples of improvements that I think would help drive user generated content from this plugin.

      • Ash

        From next version (or next next) you can exclude categories using the following code:

        add_filter( 'forminator_field_postdata_post_category_list', function( $categories ) {
        	$allowed_cat = array( 54, 46 );
                foreach( $categories as $key => $cat )
        		if( ! in_array( $cat->term_id, $allowed_cat )  )
        			unset( $categories[$key] );
        	return $categories;
        } );

        You just need to configure the $allowed_cat array. Currently, the filter is not available, so you can't use this code right now. But better to save for future use.

        Have a nice day!