Forminator Features requests

Numbers: Limit Input
Need to set max first if min is going to be higher than default.
Consider changing from 150>150 to 1994>2018 for years.
To set the min to 1994, the max needs to be set to something higher. Try 9999 just as a placeholder.
Now to set the max, while entering 2018 it resets on changing the 9999 to 2 because 2 is less than 1994. Either enter 1994 and use the control to increment up, or change to 2999 and then insert as 2018999, then remove the trailing 999.
In summary, we really just need to enter the max before the min.

2) Numbers: Conditional logic
Need to check relation of field 2 to field 1. Example:
If field 1 is a start year then field 2 must be >= field1.

3) Conditional logic: It would be helpful to be able to reference a field name by an ID other than the label. Otherwise we need to ensure every field has a unique text label, which often isn’t necessary. Field names similar to this are available in email handling via “Add form data”. It would be helpful to see those names for this purpose in the field editor and the conditional logic dropdown next to the field label. This way we’ll know the ID for a field as we go into conditional logic to set rules based on that field.

4): Each field has a required flag. But a field may only be required if conditionally it must be displayed. For example, the user checked Yes to “there is an emergency phone#”, or similar. If they checked that, then the phone is required, otherwise not.

#6a: Consider a multi-use form, like “things I did today”. How do we allow a user to see previously submitted forms? And how do we allow them to edit a specific instance of a previously submitted form.

#6b: Related: We should be able to get a unique form submission ID that we can return via email to the user. This will be used for subsequent enquiries.

  • Tony G

    In May I spent time in Live Chat to document all of those items. But I didn't see them posted in public and I had no other indication that they were in the dev/Asana tasks. So I opened an enquiry with Chat again a couple days ago and was told that the forum had no record and that it didn't look like those items were in the dev task list. Apparently after further enquiry, Support felt it appropriate to post these notes.

    So that's the story on these notes. If they are actually elsewhere, let's link them. Otherwise I'm glad they're here for peer review.

    Yes, a couple of the items have been posted in different terms over the last month, as the need was still present, so I/we continue to voice requests to ensure they're heard. If there is some over-kill here, I apologize. Given the situation, we have no way to know what's overkill and what got lost.

    To be clear, this goes back to what's been a thorn in my side since I became a member here, and I've certainly voiced this a number of times. This forum implementation sucks. The search doesn't allow us to find content by text or author or date. It's VERY difficult to know what's already been posted here because we can't look it up quickly, so yes, we do see a lot of duplication. Then Support takes notes but we never see a ticket ID, Asana reference, or any other indication that our requests have been filed, discussed, implemented, or rejected. I can't say in public how upset I am about this basic concept that is never addressed. Yeah, I know "things are improving in support". If you've got a ticket ID, what's so hard about posting it right along with these forum posts? What's wrong with emailing a member after a live Chat with a transcript? Why can't we get a ticket ID when we're in Chat? None of this takes a major reworking of the Support infrastructure. It only takes a directive from one or two people in management there to just do it.

    So when you tell me that something has been posted before, you can expect a huge bit of respectful, friendly, anger and indignation, after I spent extensive time with Support, Twice, and I searched the forum on my own for keywords in futility, and even Support staff couldn't find forum posts or internal notes on this.

    Kind regards to you as always.
    (Ahh, now that's out of my system, for this week, thanks. :relieved: )

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Tony G,

    I do apologize that you had to go twice through the chat to get this posted - I just recalled that I have seen your propositions tasked in our internal system, but I haven't checked that it wasn't posted on forum before (that's my fault). I will raise this issue with my teammates so it doesn't happen again.

    I understand your frustration about the forum and tickets - and I will pass them to the management. I was talking with one of developers about improving the forum search and this should be implemented with forum update that they are working on. Not really sure when they will do that (there are some features for staff that we are also early waiting for :grinning: - because it will need a lots of testing on staging, but hopefully it wont be very long.

    kind regards,

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