Forminator Fields are not captured in the Database and are not exported in CSV

I have a live form (https://********.uk/racing/undulator-stuart-learmouth-memorial/undulator-entry-form/) in which I had made an error in naming the fields. I had a name field which I named "Last Name" in error.
I think because of this the last name did not get captured, though the last name was captured in the submission confirmation email. I changed the name attributes of the fields in order to fix it and added the last name directly into the Database in "_frmt_form_entry_meta" table. Now when I add the details, the last name is still not exported to the excel file. Attached are the screenshots

Image 1 :: Entry Display.png
Image 2 :: Submission Confirmation Email.png
CSV Export :: forminator-undulator-2018-181001084815.csv

and this is the data that is stored in the db relating to that field: a:2:{s:10:"first-name";s:4:"Test";s:9:"last-name";s:8:"Tester 2";}