Forminator form does not work when there are security extensions in Firefox

I have a Forminator form on one of my site’s which is a contact form. It is built using the Divi theme (another part) which works fine in most instances.

Except when using Firefox with some security options set to block some spammy behaviour. I can understand that it is very likely due to the browser but if I have users with the same settings on their browser they will not be able to contact me.

Oh and just for added benefit there is another party – Cloudflare whose rocketloader kicks out an error when viewing the console:

Error: Permission denied to access property “__rocketLoaderInlineHandlerProxy

I am Using Firefox 68.0 (64bit)

Using ePUB Reader and McAfee WebAdvisor extensions.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Baldafrican

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I absolutely understand the point here but I think it’s also worth noting that whatever we do, there’s never a one hundred percent certainty that it will work for each and every visitor. There’s simply too many various extensions, configurations and security tools’ “combinations” around to be sure about it.

    However, I took a look at your setup and I’m wondering if you have already tried to show form not via Ajax? There’s an option in form “Behavior” section to switch that – currently it’s set to “Ajax” mode. If you disable it and clear all caches, is it still blocked?

    Also, as for rocket loader. I know it’s a great and quite efficient tool but personally, I always advice against using it with WordPress sites. It is claimed to be WP-compatible and I know of quite a few professionals who actually do suggest it’s a great “boost” for WP sites but personally I’ve never seen a WP site – unless it was a simple site with no any other optimization tools running – that wouldn’t be experiencing at least “some” issues due to is in a long run, sooner or later. This particular issue that you’re experiencing is most likely also related to these browser extensions – I’ve seen reports of that exact error with other extensions as well – and I’d say this most likely have something to do with extensions actually altering some JS on the page or even trying to “inject” some. It might be worth submitting the case to CloudFlare or extensions’ developers (or both) – but I strongly believe that it’s something the extensions’ developers should take care of as, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t expect ClouudFlare to do it. They do everything to make their product fully compatible with “official” browsers’ releases but it’s virtually impossible to keep track of and full compatibility with all the extensions on the market :wink:

    Best regards,


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