Forminator Integration with Other WPMU Plugins

There's been some discussion in the DOTW for this week, regarding the loss of Upfront and what members want from WPMU.

I tried to post this in the threads for Forminator, but it just kept redirecting me to Support Chat, so I'm posting it here.

Is there a plan to integrate Forminator with the other WPMU plugins? For example, it could be used to create a custom signup form for eNewsletter. Or, it could make a custom registration form for multisite that integrates features from ProSites, New Blog Templates, and eNewsletter (for assigning specific newsletter groups/welcome messages based on member level and options selected). Integration with MarketPress could allow for Forminator to be used to accept payments/donations/subscriptions.

See what I mean?

Currently we try and cram this ability into various GravityForms add-ons and hacks, but that seems silly now that WPMU has decided to create a form plugin. It seems much more natural, and easier to maintain and update, if WPMU's forms plugin worked with all of the WPMU plugins, which is why many of use got a premium form plugin like Gravity Forms to begin with!

It's all about the integrations...

  • Dimitris
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    Hey there jetmac,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us!
    I've already moved this thread to the Features&Feedback section of our support forums, I guess you were looking for this.

    As you can also see in our roadmap page here
    a API is going to be created, which will open the road for integrations in general.
    There's been thoughts about integrating with some of our own plugins of course, as well as some mail integrations like Mailchimp.
    Unfortunately, I can't provide any further info about it though. Please keep an eye in plugin's changelog after pending updates and follow up our blog to get the latest news! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

  • jetmac
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    Dimitris ,

    Thanks for moving this over, I hope it gets more attention that way.

    I saw from the roadmap you are making an API for this to allow for external integrations, which is a good thing and a fine idea.

    However, it is concerning to me that WPMU continually makes plugins with almost no regard to their existing plugins. I think this is a fault in the overall marketing and product strategy. Your plugins need to work a lot better together - most don't recognize each other at all.

    One of the biggest demands with ProSites and New Blog Templates is a way to get them to work better together, so the sign up process is smooth and, best of all, controlled. There has been a hack to basically paste New Blog Templates to the end of a Gravity Forms registration form, but that is, well, very "hacky" and provides little to no control.

    Nor is there any communication between ProSites, New Blog templates, Forminator (or Gravity Forms) and eNewsletter. For example, the ability to create a form that captures registration, creates a new member, assigns that member their choice of starting templates, and then communicates that to eNewsletter to send the new member a context specific welcome email (plus follow up emails) according to their chosen ProSites level and site template.

    This is the type of integration we desire from WPMU plugins. This is what enables your plugins to rise above the marketplace and set a whole new standard for WordPress.

    I would like to see more thinking like this from WPMU and more explanation of the overall vision for it in the Product Roadmap. Individual updates to various plugins is an excellent start, but changing individual plugins into a cohesive system that works together is what is needed.

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