Forminator Integration with Other WPMU Plugins

There’s been some discussion in the DOTW for this week, regarding the loss of Upfront and what members want from WPMU.

I tried to post this in the threads for Forminator, but it just kept redirecting me to Support Chat, so I’m posting it here.

Is there a plan to integrate Forminator with the other WPMU plugins? For example, it could be used to create a custom signup form for eNewsletter. Or, it could make a custom registration form for multisite that integrates features from ProSites, New Blog Templates, and eNewsletter (for assigning specific newsletter groups/welcome messages based on member level and options selected). Integration with MarketPress could allow for Forminator to be used to accept payments/donations/subscriptions.

See what I mean?

Currently we try and cram this ability into various GravityForms add-ons and hacks, but that seems silly now that WPMU has decided to create a form plugin. It seems much more natural, and easier to maintain and update, if WPMU’s forms plugin worked with all of the WPMU plugins, which is why many of use got a premium form plugin like Gravity Forms to begin with!

It’s all about the integrations…