Forminator - more accessible CSS Classes

Forminator needs more accessible CSS Classes. Preferably via a dropdown, that handles commonly requested visual options.

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello jetmac,

    Thank you for proposing this feature. So from the chat do I understand correctly that you would like to see something like pre-made classes for form elements that would allow for specific customization?
    Like in your example: a class that when used on checkbox element would align those checkboxes in columns?

    I believe there is something similar planned for the Forminator, but I will send your request to Forminator team.

    kind regards,

  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Kasia Swiderska ,

    Yes, that is exactly right. Gravity Forms has this, but the codes aren't available for selection (you have to memorize them or look them up each time you want to use one). It would be great if Forminator could have those readily available in the CSS Class section of the interface.

    Currently, if you want to make changes in Forminator, you have to write your own CSS classes in the main Settings->Appearance panel, then reference them in the form editor. I can see that if you want to make something very unique - but for common, everyday formatting that seems a bit much. There are enough common configurations (checkboxes arranged horizontally instead of vertically, for example) that I think it is worth the effort to make those "canned" options that are handily and readily available.


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