[Forminator] Need help with calculations

I created a form with multiple conditionally displayed fields and I would like to make calculations based on user choices.

Right now it seems that my calculation is taking into account every field. How can I make it so that it only add the numbers in fields that are visible?

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Lendon,

    At the moment, I'm afraid conditions arent' supported in calculations out of the box, a calculation is based on a formula added in the "Calculations" tab.

    If there are more conditions, you'll have to create more that one calculation fields and then display the calculations based on the conditions enabled via the "Visibility" tab for each calculation field.

    Could you please try it, and see whether it helps? if you still have issues, please explain further about the calculation logic, so that we could check further about its possibilities with the current form with new calculation fields.

    Kind Regards,


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