[Forminator Pro] 8 requests for Forminator Pro ( small & big )

Hi there,

First of all I’d like to say that I’ve been following every update of your plug-ins and it’s getting better & better everytime. So keep up the good work!

My company isn’t using Forminator Pro that much because, in our opinion, it’s missing some features we need. I made a post about this last year, but if you don’t mind I’m going to share my requests again.

1. This thread about ‘More data in datalayers for advanced tracking’.

2. Option to upload multiple files
F.E.: You need help from an interior designer so you send him/her multiple pictures of your place (very common, no?).

3. Option to have the uploaded files received as attachments in your inbox (not in the media library).

4. More templates to choose from for your forms in the ‘appearance tab’.
–> Inputfields with rounded corners
–> Transparent inputfields (for forms displayed over an image)
–> All templates you have now, but with the option to have rounded inputlabels and transparent inputfields
–> dark/light option (so you can display your form on light/dark backgrounds)

–> Make it easy for us. We know how to do it ourselves with CSS, but it would be nice to have these options nonetheless. You have a beautiful interface in place to add these features, imo.

5. Option to change the error: “You exceeded the amount of words that can be used.” (this option is currently missing, although you can edit most of the other errors.)

6. Add a ‘center text option’ to the WYSIWYG-texteditor @ “After submission: Choose what happens after a user successfully submits your form.” in the ‘behaviour tab’

7. Option to have labels displayed within the inputfields (this is something you see a lot lately)

8. Free Pizza with every submission

Thank you <3