[Forminator Pro] Ability to calculate values on a form

It would be really useful to be able to calculate values from user inputs using basic equations. For example, to total up the numbers a user has entered in several fields to calculate a total price. The result could be a visible text field or inserted into a hidden field.

My use case is that I'd like to calculate where the user's answer is of a numeric field, between the minimum and maximum allowable value. E.g. answering 5 on a 0 to 10 numeric input would give 50%.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Techtomic

    That is something already on our plan :slight_smile: Though we can't give you any ETA at the moment. Great that you wanted that option too.

    As you posted, I am still marking this as a feature request, so other members can share their thoughts as well as they might suggest some ideas too :slight_smile:

    Have a nice day!


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    This is one usage example of a general purpose feature that's already been suggested.

    We can completely eliminate the need for special-purpose functionality like this if there is a single pre_entry action and post_entry action which is executed for every field. A user function which hooks the action should be able to set the value of that field or any other, or even throw a validation error.

    Where the action acts like a filter, the return value would set the current field, rather than returning a new value to the caller. Example:

    For a PostalCode field, the user enters something like 123456789, which in the USA would need reformatting to 12345-6789. We would need to check the value of Country, and that the PostalCode is numeric, in order to decide if that value is valid and then how to reformat it.

    In addition to the data for a field, we should be able to set the metadata for fields - like changing the text PostalCode to ZipCode if the user selects USA for the country. Or depending on the value of one field we should be able to change the min/max of another field (and related text notifications).

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