[Forminator Pro] ACF fields and post editing form


this is feature request/support ticket. I just recently started testing the “post data” field on forminator to add posts from front end, but there are two things I think it’s lacking.

1. ACF compatibility.
It would be great if the fields we created with ACF would appear as an option on the post data.
To make it happen now I have to create regular input field to register the value, create a custom field inside the “post data” field on the form with the same name as the ACF field and have its value be the same as the input field. It works, but not only it makes it way more complex, it also creates 2 identical meta keys on the database for every custom field, which adds unnecessary weight to the website.
Am I missing something and there’s another way to do it? Also it would be great if we could change the order each field appears (Title, content, tags and so on).

2. Post editing form
It would be awesome if there was a way to create a form for post editing. It doesn’t make sense to add a post from frontend but having to go to backend to edit it.

Those things would be great, but maybe if there’s a way to stop the database from registering the same field twice, it would be a workaround for the time being.

Thank you and keep up the good work

ps: also, the user registration form is being announced for some time. Is it expected soon?