[Forminator Pro] Address field too restrictive

I've been finding the Address (aggregate street, CSZ) field to be more trouble than convenience.

1) As noted elsewhere, we don't have a list for State/Province.
2) I have code to change the label of state/province but we don't know if its a state or province until after the country is selected so we wouldn't know what to put in a list there anyway. (Common issue)
3) We can't re-order the country above state/province to hook list generation even if that were a list.
4) As a freeform text field the state/province field is too open for random data errors.
5) SQL queries are a problem on entries because of the way these aggregate fields are structured in the database.
6) Zip/Postal Code is a numeric control which doesn't apply in too many situations.
7) The country list isn't versatile. It includes all countries, which is great, but without code we can't modify that list. (Can we hook that yet?) I have an application for North American countries ... that excludes 90% of the entries in that list.

I understand that for a basic form for basic purposes that aggregate "helper" fields like this are simple to use, convenient, and a good start. But having used this one a few times I find it's been too restrictive for every case. So at this point, and especially because of the SQL issue, I feel a need to replace the Address field with my own collection of individual fields.

I'm hoping to see the same kind of convenience for those of us who want more control over our fields.