[Forminator Pro] Applying REquired to Multiple Fields

It would be great if Forminator had the ability to apply the required option to a group of fields rather than one at a time.

  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Hey cornelius_butler

    That actually sounds interesting. Even though I agree with Kris, but, we actually fall back to default error messages when a custom error message for each field isn’t mentioned. So, the way I can envision this feature working is:

    – Admin selects all the fields he’d want to take bulk action on.

    – Admin chooses to make them all required

    However, a thing worth noting is, each field which is marked as required by bulk actions, will use the default error message unless you go into each field’s settings and choose your custom error message. However, I feel like for most cases, the default error message “This field is required.” should suffice and save you from going inside each field to make it required. Do you have any thoughts on this flow and think that it would still be helpful regardless of a minor limitation of this feature as explained above?

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