[Forminator Pro] Calendar and date options

I would love an option for:

Date selection to only show future dates, and a user can only choose dates a week later, etc.

Time selection to choose minutes in increments (15 minutes, 30 minutes)

  • Huberson
    • Recruit

    Hello Nathan

    The available date filed already provide some option under advanced tab to add restriction to the date range. That could be used to restrict the selection to a specific date range.

    But just to make I understand correctly, you need the restriction to apply automatically so only dates after the actual date displayed in the calendar. Like if a user access the form on 8/5/18, she will only be able to select date range starting from 8/12/18?

    About minutes increment for time field, that shouldn't be too difficult to implement(IMHO). You can share with us some use case, scenarios where that feature could be useful and will forward that to our developers.



  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I think there are now hooks yon those fields, invoked at runtime. That would be a great solution to this challenge.

    Some plugins allow for code to be entered in configuration and then executed later. For many requests posted in these forums I think it would be ideal if Forminator had a text area in Advanced Settings, along with a dropdown list of applicable hooks. This would allow someone to write a few lines of code that would get executed for a specific form with specific events.

    For example, in a forminator_year_before_render filter, the default value could be set to this year, and the min/max could be set to thisYear / thisYear+2. That would be like three lines of user code to solve this challenge, no extra plugins or functions.php required. That kind of solution would be easy to share in these forums – no more WPMU Dev core changes required. The actual code that gets saved would get a function name that is specific to the form ID and field ID.

    Hmm, now that I think about it, I might add this to my (still unpublished *ugh!*) plugin.

  • Saskia
    • New Recruit

    Any news about when “disallow selection of past dates” will be in forminator?

    Possible not so rare usecase:
    A website owner (let’s say a doctor’s office or any other kind of business).
    They want to offer appointment inquiries via form. Allowing to select past dates does not make sense.
    I love the feature which allows specific weekdays only very much! So preventing the user from submitting past dates would make this even better.
    Plus if there was an option to set a number of days after today, when the first appointment may be requested, so that people don’t submit an appointment request for same day or for tomorrow after office hours, because that is mostly a too short notice for many offices.

    I’d love to see this in forminator!

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