[Forminator Pro] Conditional Logic

I have just set up a form, well, a questionnaire actually, which I need to produce a particular piece of feedback based on an overall score which is the total sum of all (5) radio buttons. At the moment the conditional logic in Formulator Pro is very limited.

I would like to see additional logic added i.e the abillity to show / hide a field based on an accumulative score over a number of responses (I have used single response radio groups which generate a numerical value for a given radio button). So adding things like greater than, less than, count or sum a series of input values etc.

For clarity ...
radio 1 - 5
radio 1 - 2
radio 1 - 4
radio 1 - 3
radio 1 - 5
Total = 19
This calculation should be processed after the last question is answered and the response / feedback for a score of 19 becomes visible to the user. It would also be good to be able to automatically email that feedback to the user / admin / other.

Great plugin but still a ways to go before it can stand up to the likes of Gravity forms.

Many thanks for listening, and if there is a way to sum values and use it in a conditional logic statement that I have missed please do let me know.

Warm Regards

Chris Blair