[Forminator Pro] consider pdf filler integration with forminator

Please consider a PDF Filler Integration with Forminator: https://www.pdffiller.com/

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello cornelius_butler,

    Thank you for proposing this feature - with Forminator we are actually taking a little different approach. Forminator will get API that will allow to easily create different integrations without changing plugin itself. So basically every developer will be able to write the integration with different services or plugins.

    Of course if there will be great amount of other members requesting this integration then our project manager will consider it for adding into Forminator.

    kind regards,

    • Tony G

      Now that Forminator has integration with Zapier and Google Docs, almost all other services are accessible for import/export. The thing is to think indirectly:

      Rather than going X to Forminator, or Forminator to X...

      Consider Forminator to a common middle-tier, and from there to X, or
      X to the common middle-tier, and from there to Forminator.

      So to get what you want, the challenge is to use Forminator to get your data to a Google spreadsheet, or Zapier (as just two examples). Then stop. With that working, now you need to use the integrations provided by your other tools (in your case, Page Filler or Web Merge) to read from those common middle-tiers. The mechanisms to do that are already published and I'm sure you can find people talking about how to do it. Consider : Now you have people who specialize in those products talking about how to integrate with them, rather than trying to get WPMU DEV to understand every other product out there. The challenge in the middle is to get the data formatted on the way out from Forminator so that it goes into the right format required by other tools, or, you'll need to export from Forminator into a generic format, then use some conversion code to put it into the format required by the other tools.

      "But I don't want to have to code this!!!" : Agreed. Every individual doesn't need to code their own integrations. Now that Forminator (and I hope/believe the other plugins) is getting more extensibility, and API, and company-provided integrations with common middle-tiers, I'm certain that we will start to see code appearing in these forums, and plugins being published, for specific integrations and data formatting, without us having to rely on the company for all of them.

      Any help?

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