[Forminator Pro] Documentation for Forminator hooks?

I see in recent updates that filters/hooks have been added to Forminator but I can't find related documentation. I can look through the code, but before I do, am I missing docs that already exist? From the initial alpha/beta I've been requesting hooks in this product. I really need them to use it for production applications.

As an alternative for now, I'm hoping a developer can provide guidance about how to retrieve individual forms and then extract fields. Example:

$form = getForm($id); // form object with definitions
$submissions = getSubmissions($id); // array of post IDs
// loop through submissions...
$postedForm = $submissions[$index];
$field = getField($postedForm, 'fieldname');
// value of $field is dependent upon field type, and may require supplementary docs/processing.

I think that's all we need to use this in applications which use Forminator as a data entry front-end.


  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Tony G

    More hooks are being added in the plugin day by day to make it developer friendly. We are currently working on the hook documentation. Unfortunately, there is no alpha or beta version of the doc though. I hope, that will be released shortly.

    Our developers are currently working on the API. I can't give any ETA but it, too, will be released very soon.

    About the question you asked, this can't be easily done as there is no API yet. I have tried to do something, not tested yet, but you can take a look.

    To get a form by ID, you can try something like this:

    forminator_get_form( $id )

    or this:

    Forminator_Custom_Form_Model::model()->load( $id );

    To get fields:


    To get entries:

    Forminator_Form_Entry_Model::list_entries( $form_id, $per_page, $offset );

    I know this is not convenient, but very soon API and hook documentation will be available for developers :slight_smile: We appreciate your patience on this.

    Have a nice day!


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