[Forminator Pro] Documentation for Forminator hooks?

I see in recent updates that filters/hooks have been added to Forminator but I can't find related documentation. I can look through the code, but before I do, am I missing docs that already exist? From the initial alpha/beta I've been requesting hooks in this product. I really need them to use it for production applications.

As an alternative for now, I'm hoping a developer can provide guidance about how to retrieve individual forms and then extract fields. Example:

$form = getForm($id); // form object with definitions
$submissions = getSubmissions($id); // array of post IDs
// loop through submissions...
$postedForm = $submissions[$index];
$field = getField($postedForm, 'fieldname');
// value of $field is dependent upon field type, and may require supplementary docs/processing.

I think that's all we need to use this in applications which use Forminator as a data entry front-end.