[Forminator Pro] ensure that forminator works with complianz


Can you please make sure that forminator works with complianz? They menntion several major form plugins on their site but not forminator:


  • Ronnie Burt
    • Hosting & Biz Dev

    Best I can tell, the integration would be on COMPLIANZ’s side, and not ours (as their site says to let them know if you want them to add any integrations). It also looks like the integration is around cookies added when use captchas.

    But yes, Forminator has you covered. The most common reason is that you can choose to not store any completed form information in the database (though if you do and it is personal, you’ll just need to disclose this in your privacy policy).

    We’ve pre-filled and given you a lot of text for your privacy policy using the WordPress tools added last year, which it looks like this plugin will pull correctly too – so in that respect, there already is integration :slight_smile:

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