[Forminator Pro] Feature request

Hi there!

I read in the Forminator roadmap "…Not just forms!? We're exploring other markets for Forminator to enter…" Sounds good! I'd like to throw in an idea! ?

I would love to be able to overlay polls/quizzes (quiz questions) to a video.

So people can watch the video, and then lets say after 20 seconds see some questions/buttons they can click, and they will be redirected to the next video and/or question and/or final URL.

With this it would be possible to build highly interactive Polls and/or Quizzes!

There are tools like http://interactr.io/ that do something like this.

I would love if you can add this huge feature to Forminator – and make it the most interactive, most mediarich and most engaging Form/Quiz/Poll Tools on the market!

DO you think this can be done? ?