[Forminator Pro] Feature request

Hi there!

I read in the Forminator roadmap "…Not just forms!? We're exploring other markets for Forminator to enter…" Sounds good! I'd like to throw in an idea! ?

I would love to be able to overlay polls/quizzes (quiz questions) to a video.

So people can watch the video, and then lets say after 20 seconds see some questions/buttons they can click, and they will be redirected to the next video and/or question and/or final URL.

With this it would be possible to build highly interactive Polls and/or Quizzes!

There are tools like http://interactr.io/ that do something like this.

I would love if you can add this huge feature to Forminator – and make it the most interactive, most mediarich and most engaging Form/Quiz/Poll Tools on the market!

DO you think this can be done? ?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Julius,

    That really looks awesome and interesting – so do I understand correctly you would like to see some type of tool in Forminator that will allow to edit videos and add interactive elements to them – so then they will be like a very interactive poll (or a poll buit-in into video clip/clips)?

    kind regards,


  • Julius
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Kasia, exactly like you described it:

    some type of tool in Forminator that will allow to upload a video file (maybe even by simply pasting the Youtube or Vimeo URL), edit videos and add interactive elements to them – they will be like a interactive poll (or a poll buit-in into video clip/clips) – ideally allowing branching rules (if user click A go to video sequence X, if user clicks B go to video sequence Y) so that people can be “lead” through an interactive and personalized “Video-Poll”…

    That would be such an awesome feature!

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I think this can be a lot simpler than described, though not exactly to the provided definition.

    Forminator forms has a number of pre-defined field types for us to enter, including email address, text, and date. These are all for user entry. You want to Show the user a video.

    Forminator forms also has the HTML field type for output only. With this you should be able to use common HTML to embed a video. So for this, I’d put in a video and ask the user to watch it. With a new page/section following that HTML field. So they watch the video and then click the Next Page button, where they then find their video-related fields.

    Adding a video editor into Forminator? Sorry, huge -1 IMHO. That’s not what this tool is and complicating a data entry tool with video editing is really out of scope.

    You also don’t need to put everything into one form – and all of this applies to polls and quizzes as well. Consider a video segment, say the first minute of a five minute video, followed by some related questions. That’s a single unit. For the second part of the video, split that into a separate file and put that and its related questions into a second dedicated form. These pieces are not related. There’s no real reason to force them into one form.

    Separating your content facilitates outside logic which will determine what gets displayed next.

    In summary, I think it would be good to have a blog that describes this process, but I don’t think a huge product change is necessary or desirable.

  • Julius
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Tony, my feature request is something completely different than you are talking about. I don’t want to show users just a “video in a from”, BUT I want to use the engaging effect of a poll that pops up right within a video, at the exact right time (= woww effect, high conversion, ect…:wink:

    I opened my request with a quote from the Forminator roadmap “…Not just forms!? We’re exploring other markets for Forminator to enter…”

    So while I appreciate your approach of trying to achieve something similar with what Forminator already can do… – consider this feature request as a complete new and different feature, as an idea to reach new markets, as something new and amazing that enables marketers to engage their visitors even more than they can do now!

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