[Forminator Pro] Form data returned to user, my client, me

Hi. In addition to all the things that Forminator Pro offers, I am going to assume that it offers the following basic features. Let me run a scenario:

— I set up a form page for my client (in this case, an expert witness) who is looking to be hired as consultant by a law firm. The form itself has check boxes, radio buttons, text fields, and fields like name, address, email are required.

— A potential client fills out the form, and gets immediate feedback on the web, e.g., " Thanks, you're information was received."

— The potential client then receives an email with the form data he/she filled out.

— My client receives an email with the form data the potential client has filled out.

— I and/or any other email address I designate on behalf of my client, receives an email notification. In other words, I can set several notifications.

Just checking guys, but I need to know that Forminator Pro offers this basic functionality. Thanks for your help.

Rod Daynes