[Forminator Pro] Formatting a calculation as Currency

I have a calculated field that works out a price based on input from multiple other fields. I need to display the result for the customer to see before they push the submit (buy) button and continue to the Stripe payment. Two problems with this –

1. No option to show the currency symbol (£ in my case) before the calculated figure.

2. Restricting the number of decimal points returned to 2 doesn't display the second figure if it is a zero (giving results like 59.5 etc)

Ideally I'd also like to add a string after the result to show that tax is payable after this amount.

It would be great to have this options included in the calculations field – but as a work around is it instead possible to show the result inside an html field? Something like "PRICE: £[calc-field-1] +VAT"