[Forminator Pro] Forminator integration

Is it possible to generate leads with forminator pro polls and quizzes?

  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello Ola

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Would you please let us know more information about what type of information you wish to generate leads from? An example perhaps that will help us understand what you wish to see in a plugin.

    For example in Polls, the lead answer is showing up in the Pie Chart / Bar Graph.

    Please advise,

    Kind regards,


  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Hey Ola

    I assume you wish to collect the name and email address of visitors participating in polls and quizzes. That’s something which isn’t possible atm. However, that’s one of the highly requested features and one of the top priority tasks for us. We are planning to add this feature to polls and quizzes soon. However, the next couple of releases are still focusing on the forms and we’ll be releasing some much-awaited features such as Email Routing, better multi-page forms creation, Custom login/rego forms in the next couple of releases. After that, we’ll work on adding the lead generation to polls and quizzes. However, I can’t give any ETA at the moment. You can keep an eye on our roadmap to check what features are coming in the upcoming Forminator releases.


    Mukul Chawla

  • Rick Crawshaw
    • Staff

    Hi Ola, although Forminator cannot currently collect an email address… other than that, you can be creative with the results page of your quiz. For example, on your results page you might direct visitors to a landing page where they can opt in for something (and get the lead that way) or if the quiz was based on the products or services you sell, send them to the appropriate buying page based on their answers.

  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Another workaround which could work for now is:

    1. Create a lead generation form which captures the name, email and whatever else you require from the visitors to start the quiz.

    2. Setup the form in a way that, after submission, visitors are redirected to the quiz page so anyone who has filled the form can take the quiz.

    However, a drawback of this approach worth noting is, you can’t draw any relation between form submissions and quiz submissions because as of now there is no way to link them. However, if the purpose of the quiz is to generate leads, this setup could actually work well.

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