[Forminator Pro] Forminator losing quiz questions

I'm creating a quiz. Yesterday I spent several hours entering 30 questions and answer. I save after each & every question and checked it on the live page.

This morning when I went to work on it again. Only 5 questions appear.

I just lost several hours of work.

the live page is https://louisvilleintegrativehealth.com/quiz/

I have a pdf of the entire screen as it was last night if you care to see it

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Dave Randolph

    I’m very sorry to hear about such trouble!

    I checked the site and I can see that there’s only five questions in the quizz, indeed, but I must say also that I’ve never heard of similar issue before. Forminator shouldn’t be doing any such thing “on its own” and doesn’t even contain a code that could possibly do it “while you are away”.

    This means that there’s something additional involved here. It might be a conflict with some other plugin but I’d rather stand for some unexpected db data caching issues. Have you also confirmed with your host that there was no any backup (database backup mostly) restored “in background” meanwhile (sometimes hosts do it due to maintenance/updates unexpected complications)? If not, it’s worth doing it just in case.

    However, I’d like to do some more testing. Would you mind sharing that PDF that you mentioned with me (please upload it to some file storage account of yours like Google Drive, Dropbox or similar and share a link here with me) and will it be fine if I’ll also create some additional quizz(es) on the site for testing (I won’t publish them)?

    I’d like to do it to (hopefully) identify the issue so we could solve it. If it turns out to be some (unknown-yet) Forminator but, I’ll report it to our developers so they would fix it.

    Best regards,


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Dave,

    I can see that all the questions are now also back on the site, did you re-add them or they were back as they disappeared?

    Did you talk with your host as Adam mention, because it’s possible that they restored a backup due to maintenance or something else, that would have reset your work?

    Best regards,


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