[Forminator Pro] Forminator – now that I know your name…

hi folks,

let's say someone rocks up on my site.

and i would like to take them through a set of questions, with further sections responding to previous answers:

Q1 – what's your name? (input Peter as text)

Q2 – hey Peter – nice meeting you. are you getting a haircut, shave, or manicure? (input manicure from dropdown)

Q3 – thanks for that information, Peter, let's see whom we'll schedule to do your manicure. – When would you like to drop by? (input date and time)

Q4 – at 14:00 on Wednesday, we have Mary and Jose to help you. In which diary would you like us to pencil you in, Peter? (selects from dropdown)

So what that would need to do, to work, as I have it –

is to be able to regurgitate answers to fields it just got between page 1 and page 1, and to show the next question as it applies to the options selected.

I suspect that what is not yet available there, is the showing of previous results? yes?


that would be EPIC!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Symi

    I hope you’re well today!

    The Forminator already supports “conditional logic” for fields so that sort of form could actually be created, though not that complex, I’m afraid. First thing missing would be the ability to take a user name and re-use it across the form but if that’s fine for now, you can then use “Single choice” fields with conditional logic.

    For example:

    1. put a “Single Choice” field with “Haircut”, “Shave” on the form and name it e.g. “Service”

    2. put another single choice field named “Haircut dates” and yet another named “Shave dates”

    3. in settings of both these fields from #2 go to “Advanced” section, enable conditional logic there and set the first one to be shown only if “Service” is “Haircut” and the second one to show only if “Service” is “Shave”.

    You can follow that route on and on, making more and more complex choices :slight_smile: It might be more tricky with setting conditions depending on dates if the “haircut/shaves dates” field is actually a “date” field instead of single choices but still – that’s a start and I believe with a bit of “creativity” some sort of such form that you need can be set up.

    Of course, we’re still developing and improving our Forminator so I’m sure there’ll be more options in future (though I can’t give any predictions/promises at the moment).

    Best regards,


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I sent similarly related suggestions to Support via Chat today. I’m sure these will be posted soon. One of which was the ability to reference fields by name in other fields. While my specific example to Support ( Vaughan ) was to use fields in conditional logic, consider that once we have a field name we should be able to use the value of that field as a default or in a label for another field, much like emails have placeholders like {username}.

    This request from the OP is special: “at 14:00 on Wednesday, we have Mary and Jose to help you”. This requires usage of data from the current form, and also requires before/after per-field hooks which can do lookups to retrieve data based on form data, and then change form fields dynamically using code-derived results. This is also a popular request … at least, in many of the Forminator requests I see here, the solution to the challenge can be achieved via hooks and access to live data.

    I’m shaking my head here. At the very beginning of the Forminator development process, when pre-development feedback was being requested, I cited all of this stuff as being a requirement of a new product that didn’t look like everything else out there. Those recommendations were not implemented. The result is a static v1.0 product, where most user requests (directly or indirectly) are asking for this dynamic functionality, which now has to be retrofit. Don’t get me wrong – this is fine for limited contexts, and I see potential in the plugin and I have confidence in its future. But it’s torture to not want to use other software, and not be able to use this software yet. That leaves me in limbo as a solution provider, and compels me to make temporary decisions that cost people time and money. Any notes I post on this topic are backed by that frustration.

    • Predrag Dubajic
      • Support

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your feedback, your suggestions were already passed over to our developers for further consideration.

      And we got a lot of stuff suggested for the initial release of Forminator, and I really mean a lot :slight_smile:

      Unfortunately adding them all in the initial release was simply impossible in some reasonable timeframe so all the suggestions are still there and on our to-do list (which is huge) and more stuff will be coming in the future versions.

      Best regards,


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