[Forminator Pro] Forminator – now that I know your name…

hi folks,

let's say someone rocks up on my site.

and i would like to take them through a set of questions, with further sections responding to previous answers:

Q1 – what's your name? (input Peter as text)

Q2 – hey Peter – nice meeting you. are you getting a haircut, shave, or manicure? (input manicure from dropdown)

Q3 – thanks for that information, Peter, let's see whom we'll schedule to do your manicure. – When would you like to drop by? (input date and time)

Q4 – at 14:00 on Wednesday, we have Mary and Jose to help you. In which diary would you like us to pencil you in, Peter? (selects from dropdown)

So what that would need to do, to work, as I have it –

is to be able to regurgitate answers to fields it just got between page 1 and page 1, and to show the next question as it applies to the options selected.

I suspect that what is not yet available there, is the showing of previous results? yes?


that would be EPIC!